Required Initial Documentation

Please note: We only need copy, if original documents were provided, we will make copy and over night back to you within 24 hours after we received.
General Document requirement:
1. Drivers License or State ID.
2. Most Current 2 pay stubs. Need to cover last 30 days.
3. Most Current 2 years W-2.
4. Most Current 2 years Tax Return (Form 1040) All Schedules and All Pages.
5. Most Current 2 months Bank Statement All Accounts and All Pages.
If you are Self Employee; we will need extra documents list below:

1. If you are a Sole Proprietor: most current 2 years 1040 will be enough.
2. If you own S Corporation and/or Partnership: Most current 2 years 1120S and/or 1065 All Schedule and All Pages plus K-1 statement.
3. If you own C Corporation: Most Current 2 years 1120 All Schedule and All Pages.

If you received other forms of income:

1. Alimony/Child Support: Divorce Decrees, Court Order, Proof of receipt for the last TWO years.
2. Note Income: Agreement/Note, Proof of receipt for the last two years and proof of three years remaining.
3. Social Security Income: Award Letter, Last two months bank statements to prove direct deposit and prove the likelihood it will continue for the next three years (waived if you are in retirement age)
4. Pension Income: Pension Letter, last two years W-2 and/or 1099. Last two pay stubs and two months bank statement to show direct deposit.

If you own rental properties and/or other properties:

1. Current rental agreement for All Rental Properties.
2. Most current bills for: Tax and Insurance and HOA (if applicable) for All Rental properties.

If you investment in a company for cash flow and/or as tax shelter:

1. Most current 2 years K-1 statement.

If this is a Re-finance transaction:

1. Most Current bills for: Tax, Insurance and HOA (if Applicable).
2. Most Current Mortgage Payment Statement/Coupon.

If the subject property you would like to Re-Finance has a Second Mortgage:

1. Most Current Payment Statement.
2. Note and/or Agreement for the Second Mortgage.
3. Please note: Paying off a Non Purchase Second Mortgage will be considered as a Cash Out Transaction, additional fee adjustments may apply.

If this is a Purchase Transaction:

1. Purchase Contract signed by all buyer(s) and seller(s).
2. Contact information for: Your Real Estate Agent.

If the Purchase Transaction is a Short Sale:

1. Final Short Sale approval from all lien holder(s).
2. Please note: Without Final Short Sale Approval/Agreement; we CAN NOT lock your loan.

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