Nicolaus 30 Year Fixed Purchase Mortgage Rates

Condo/Townhouse | Owner Occupy | Credit Score 740 - 759 | $260,000 Loan

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30 Year Fixed


Owner Occupy

FICO 740 - 759

$260,000 Loan

Property $400,000

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  Rate Payment
APRYour actual APR may be different depending upon some factors.
FeeWe can only credit back to the true closing cost up to 3% of your loan amount. The surplus credit goes back to Brighten Lending.
Closing Cost Locking Period Updated  
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The fee is the amount that the client needs to bring in to get the particular rate in question, and in the case of a negative, the amount that would be used towards the closing cost (Brighten Lending will credit to you). The closing cost is a set amount to be paid in addition to the fees. Add the amount of the closing cost and the fee together to get an estimate of how much money is needed to close the loan. Closing Cost estimate does not include property tax or insurance that may become due and does not include escrow/impound account set up. Choosing to established an escrow/impound account will affect the total funds required to close. ***CREDITED AMOUNT MAY NOT EXCEED ACTUAL CLOSING COST AND UNUSED PORTION WILL BE FOREFITED***

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