How to Save Money

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How to Save Money Without Really Trying

Some of us don't reach our savings goals because the measures we have to take are too drastic. But there are reasonable ways to tuck away a little cash. Whether it's for that summer trip or next year's holiday shopping, here are four simple ways to save up. The best part? They don't require major effort - just a tweak in your daily routine.

Pay with cash. Saving big may be as simple as using "real" money. Research says you focus on cost when you pay with cash, but on benefits when you use credit; you're not only spending more with a card, but spending on "fun" stuff you don't need. Another bonus of cash? You minimize the risk of a credit card breach.

Curb food waste. Wasted food wastes money. Try building grocery lists around perishables currently in your fridge, rotating purchases to keep older items visible (putting new groceries behind old ones), and dedicating a shelf to food that needs to be eaten before it spoils.

Cut gas costs. We're seeing some of the lowest gas prices in years, but they won't last forever. Sites like Gasbuddy help you find the lowest gas prices. And you also can save on gas you've already paid for. Start with smoother driving. Sudden starts and stops reduce mileage up to 33 percent, says the EPA. Other tips: Keep tires properly inflated, avoid excessive idling and don't use those cozy seat warmers more than necessary.

Go easy on clothes. The way you care for clothes can prolong their life (and the need to refresh your wardrobe). Turn clothes inside out when laundering to prevent fading, toss delicates in a mesh bag to prevent damage, and use low dryer heat when possible.

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