What You Should Do As A Borrower

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You are ready to do you loan now. You have shopped around and found the right rate with a great loan officer who is informative and helpful. What should you do to help facilitate the process and make things go as smoothly as possible? Here are a few tips:

1. Provide all documentation requested: The lender needs these documents to verify the information provided on your application. The criterion is set by the investors so there is no way that the lender can get around them. If the loan officer has to contact you and wait for documents, then that will hamper and delay the loan.
2. Stay in contact with the lender: Communication is key to getting your loan done. There are situations where the lender needs to contact you and ask some questions about you loan. If they can not get a hold of you then the loan process comes to a halt until they can.
3. Be available: Many parts of the loan process you can do over the phone. You can provide your documentation via fax, email or regular parcel service, but there are some things where face to face contact is necessary. The lender will work with you to schedule things when they are most convenient to you, and conform with your schedule. You will have to clear out a few hours of your time for them to sign documents and let the appraiser appraise your home.

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