Third Parties Involved In Your Loan

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The home loan process requires many different people completing different tasks to help you acquire the money you want. Here at Brighten Lending, many 3rd parties are actually in house which helps to expedite the loan process. To give you a better understanding, we will give you a brief introduction to the people we will work with.

ESCROW: An escrow is where the funds, deed, or other instruments are deposited and then distributed/disbursed when conditions are met. The escrow is the one who “holds on” to everything and then once the conditions are met, they process the escrow and complete the transaction.

TITLE: A title company examines and insures title claims on the property. The company provides a certificate based on the results of its examination.

NOTARY: This is the person who witnesses you sign the loan documents and “notarizes” the paperwork.

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