About Brighten Lending Mortgage Banker

About Brighten Lending Mortgage Banker

The Company

HomeLoan168.com is Internet Division of Brighten Lending.

Brighten Lending has been in the residential mortgage lending industry since January 2005, providing high quality loan programs at competitive rates & prices with customer service that is second to none.

Our staff is knowledgeable, precise, and courteous with over 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry. We will work with clients to resolve any problematic issues using our expertise and will do our best to satisfy all our clients’ needs - which is our #1 priority.

Mission Statement

Brighten Lending’s mission is to provide superior financing services in the most professional and ethical manner.

Our borrowers are the company’s top priority and we will assist them in a timely fashion. We are committed to fulfilling their needs through our various loan programs.

Our knowledgeable and experienced personnel will work with integrity to provide the best service possible.

The Choice

Choosing the right lender is a difficult task at best. Brighten Lending is an "A" paper lender. For those who qualify, our rates and terms are available to see and readily attainable. It is not a negotiation process. What you see is what you get for all of the products and programs defined in our rate check. With all the programs, rate and point combinations from which to choose, here is what we believe you should look for prior to taking the first step in the procurement of financing.

Our Price Advantage

As a direct lender and NOT A BROKER we have an economic advantage per transaction that a mortgage broker cannot overcome. As an internet-exclusive division from Brighten Lending; we also have a significant cost advantage over the traditional financial institution with layers of bureaucracy and large overhead. This significant cost advantage gives us the ability to provide consumers with extremely competitive pricing. Be leery of this line "As a broker, we can shop your loan to a lender with the best price". BRIGHTEN LENDING IS THE LENDER

Guaranteed Closing Cost

Brighten Lending’s Fee guarantees in writing all closing costs that we have control over. The fees you see on our website will be the fees you will receive at the time of application AND at closing. *** Please note: Guarantee Fee for the fees that we have control over!


With today's technology, any lender that does not offer 24 hour on-line applications and a detailed breakdown of any and all of their loan charges should be avoided. As you can see from our closing cost page, the Brighten Lending loan charge is clearly disclosed to the penny. Please visit our policies tab to view our rate lock policy.

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